german voice over talents: Find perfect natives in just 5 minutes.

You want to find a native german voice over for your audio or video works? Let’s give you a short overview how you manage to book the best german voice talents.

Germany has a huge range of professional voice over artists. The reason is – there are many actresses and actors doing synchronisation works for movies. When a new movie from UK or USA is coming up in Germany you will rarley find the original version with the voices of the original actors. Almose 100 % are overdubbed. 

And – most of the movies coming even with lip synchron voice over.

As so many voice talents exist in Germany you have a huge range of quality. Dont try to save money when you choose a german voice talent. The german audience is used to listen to perfect educatated voice over artists.

So when you establish content for brands in german language you should really be sure that the voice over talent matches perfectly to your goals.

Use our form to find the distinctive German voice artist for your promotional or commercial video which are suitable for the wanted attention and last inside people’s heads.

A brand that all major and successful companies use. was founded by the german over talent Jan Firmes, who is one of the best audio actors in Germany. He started to cast the best german voice talents and established a professional pro network.

Finding german voice over talents easy

You are searching for german voice over talents for your broadcast, image or commercial spot, image video or any other multi media content?

Find native german voice talents in our selected network. Use our casting form and we will send you our best male and female voice talents.

You have a tight budget? Don’t hesitate to send us your request even when you can’t afford our best professionals. We have a huge access to german voice talents matching all budgets you have in mind. is one of the best native voice over actors platform for German language for all promotional videos.

You get top quality voice over services, we grant to deliver a professional service, make your audio or video works a lot easier. We can provide you with audio works from one day to another if needed.

Whatever you have in mind – we do explainer, corporate videos, commercials, we record in our voice over specialized audio studio, we can handle all sizes of projects like in-store radio, German voicemail messages, online radio spots

As we work just with professional voice over talents you get the quality you need. Our voice over talents are experienced and did a lot of professional voice over gigs to numerous clients across the globe.

For the professional German voice over service, our actors do a constantly training, we are using only high quality recording and studio equipment.

Why is the perfect platform for your german voice over projects?

We are providing only professional voice over actors, working longer than 10 years in the audio branch

We are providing all kind of voice talents you need, female or male actors

We are recording only in the perfect equipted audio studios

We deliver fast, even from one day to another or express same day

We can manage all sizes of projects

We care about the legal rights you need for your international campaigns

Is booking a german voice talent abroad eady to handle?

Yes it is! All services can be managed by usual communication tools like messenger or simple email. For our works we send you an invoice. You can pay via bank account, credit card or paypal.

There is no extra german tax. You just pay for the proposal you got. Wann know which budget is needed? Check your audio project here.




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